Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Window in My Life

After all, that's what a blog is right? A window into my life? Well, Nate and I have some amazing conversations, and I'm going to make the habit of posting the more hilarious dialogues here to share with you, internet! So here you go. Just to give a bit of backstory: I've been sick lately, often, so I was a *little* worried that I might have contracted the STD known as pregnancy. I asked my dearest fiance Nathan to procure for me one piss stick, and this conversation took place soon after it's purchase.

me: uhm, would it be weird if I peed in something now to use it to test with later?
because I want to have pee ready right away
and if I pee now I won't have to pee when you get home

hey.andrea.its.nate: I wouldn't do that
it might alter the test

me: no it wouldn't
not if it's in a bottle

hey.andrea.its.nate: I wouldn't
I still wouldn't

me: hrm then I guess I'll hold it
until you get home

~ten minutes later~

me: dude I'm so peeing and saving it

hey.andrea.its.nate: no
do not do that
just pee and take the test later
my god

me: gah no fine I'm going to hold it forever

hey.andrea.its.nate: you are not 5 and this is not christmas morning

me: I'm never going to pee again

~five minutes later~

me: I peed in a cup
but it's sealed and in a cool dark place!!
It's less of a "cup" more of a "thing-the-sunflower-seeds-came-in-which-is-empty-because-I-finished-them-today"

hey.andrea.its.nate: oh god

me: okay bye, but FYI that's how you keep things fresh! It'll be good for like 6 months.

For those interested, I was totally not pregnant, just sick which still sucks. Also, I've found my camera which means more posts starting asap, because tomorrow I'm going to buy a bike tire with my grandma and she normally says great things, like that one time that she pointed to a bag on the floor and exclaimed "Those are dicks!" to which I responded "No Grandma, I know it's been a while but that's a bag." and then she laughed and blushed and informed me that the contents of the bag belonged to her neighbor, Dick. She's still a pretty rad old lady, she like farts all the time and tries to blame it on things like car doors. Why must car doors suffer for this cause? Idfk, car doors don't even sound like farts, I have never understood this. Anyway, bike tires tomorrow, and then in the future hopefully pictures and posts concerning yoga in the park on Saturdays, slimfast diet working or not working, a weekly craft group, and mom stuff. Yep, so adios muchachos.

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